Rainbow Chakra Journey

Ever felt lost or unsure of your life’s direction? If so, you’re not alone and we’re here to help guide you “Home”! Rainbow Chakra Journey seeks to help practitioners’ connect to their mind, body & soul for a feeling of being recognized and peaceful. This asana, pranayama and dharana focused workshop is an affirmation stating … Continued

Essential Lab Work and What It Means

Are you wondering why you feel like crap? Find Out What an annual Essential Blood Panel looks like and Pair Your Blood Work With Your Symptoms Have you ever had your doctor tell you that your blood work looks fine but you don’t feel fine? In fact you feel like someone has hijacked the real … Continued

Inversion Intensive

In this two-day intimate intensive, we’ll explore what it takes to get upside down. Thinking of arm balances like a puzzle, students will piece together all the elements to create the ability to enter inversions, feel more stable in a variety of inversions, and build confidence to evolve their abilities in an inversion practice. Students … Continued

Holy Reiki Sound Bath: Intention Setting 2024

Marizol, The creator of Shop for the Soul, utilizes her shaman gifts for healing, channeling and moving energy for over a decade as a certified Reiki Holy Fire Master, 200-Hour Yoga teacher, and meditation teacher and sound healer.   In this workshop, Marizol sends Holy Fire Reiki healing energy to the student creating clarity within … Continued

Empower Your Flow: Yoga for Menstrual Health

Join us for a transformative journey into the intricacies of your menstrual cycle and the profound impact of hormonal rhythms on your life. Discover how lifestyle choices and movement practices like yoga can influence the delicate balance of hormones and how to pave the way for healthier hormonal and menstrual well-being. Workshop Highlights: Understanding Your … Continued

Beginner/Intermediate Arm Balance

This is an opportunity to learn proper technique for basic arm balance poses that are commonly offered in Vinyasa classes. This workshop sets the foundation for intermediate and advanced arm balancing. You will receive detailed explanation on alignment and anatomy, as well as personal attention and time to ask questions. Poses include Pendant, Scale, Crow, … Continued

Full Moon Sensual Flow: The F-word

The F-word Sensual Flow is a guided embodiment experience incorporating primal dance, sensual floor-work, and yoga asana into a seamless flow that activates Feminine Power.  The practice and playlist are explicit – so leave your inhibitions at the door, or work through them in this safe and non-judgmental space.  Bring a yoga mat; booty shorts … Continued

Full Moon Twerkshop

Would you like to feel more grounded, playful, and confident? Or perhaps you’re craving a safe, non-judgmental place to shake your booty? Twerk originated in West Africa with the Mapouka dance, which was a celebratory dance for fertility. The term “twerk,” came about in New Orleans during the early 90’s bounce scene. Scientifically, shaking the body … Continued

Healing Through Reiki & Sound Bath

Jona, a student of Marizol, will help uplift and ground us with an introduction to Ujjayi Pranayama and some meditative Asana before helping channel Reiki and settling in for the group sound bath. Marizol will also be channeling Reiki energy through the crystal angelic bowls, planetary moon gong, chimes, and more!  Together we shall clear blocked … Continued

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